• The Ethereum network has successfully completed the second testnet, Sepolia, in preparation for the upcoming Shanghai upgrade.
• The testnet was able to process staked ETH withdrawals and brings the much-awaited upgrade closer to fruition.
• Developers have released a shadow fork of the mainnet and will trigger the final Goerli testnet just before deploying on the mainnet.

Successful Sepolia Testnet

The Ethereum network has successfully completed its second testnet phase, i.e., the Sepolia testnet, in preparation for its upcoming Shanghai upgrade. This brought that much-awaited upgrade one step closer as it was able to process staked ETH withdrawals.

Purpose Of Testnets

Testnets are private networks that mimic the mainnet and allow developers to catch any bugs or errors before updating the main protocol. One round of testing had already been conducted for this upcoming Shanghai upgrade with minor bugs being addressed. The second is scheduled for end of February and is known as Sepolia testnet which was only accessible by Ethereum core developers successfully replicating withdrawals of staked ether from this closed environment.

Shapella Upgrade Scheduled For Feb 28th

The ‚Shapella‘ upgrade is scheduled to be deployed on the Sepolia testnet on February 28th which could positively affect ETH’s native crypto market value when it goes live on main net finally after third (final) Goerli test net scheduled just before deployment on main net..

Shadow Fork Released

The developers have also released a shadow fork of their main net which can give an idea about what would happen when update takes place in real world scenarios after successful tests in these three phases – Zhejiang, Sepolia & Goerli respectively.


Overall, Ethereum’s successful completion of their second test phase gives us a glimpse into what may come when they deploy their Shanghai Upgrade onto their Main Network later this month!